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I øRNENS KLøR – FILM – 1992

I øRNENS KLøR – FILM – 1992

R 1992 132 min DramaRomanceThriller

On Imdb 6.4/10 7,702 votes

Susan Isaacs (novel), David Seltzer (screenplay)

David Seltzer



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1940, Linda Voss is a woman of Irish, Jewish-German parentage who loves the movies, especially films about war and spies. She gets a job at a New York law firm, after it’s revealed she can speak German, fluently. As secretary and translator to Ed Leland, she begins to suspect that her boss is involved in espionage work. The two become lovers, and when America officially joins the Allies in fighting Hitler, Linda volunteers to go undercover behind enemy lines.

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