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N/A 1997 ComedySci-Fi

On Imdb 8.5/10 62 votes

Joel Hodgson, Michael J. Nelson

Kevin Murphy



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A woman is given the chance to change her witchy past life in the Dark Ages through hypnosis. Meanwhile, Mike introduces the world to the SOL but has to go back (and back, and back) to the beginning explaining how it all happened until he gets lost in a philosophical brain freeze. Crow bites him back into reality just before the Observers present them all with intelligence tests, none of whom but Tom show any promise with. Based on his nearly perfect test results, Tom tries to pass himself off as an Observer but they become suspicious when he claims to have filled out a nonexistent application (that and the fact that he’s passing off an olive as his brain). Lydia from the movie visits the SOL by accident and tries to take over the place anyway, but it seems she can’t control her magic as well as she claims to. Upon hearing Diggor Smolken, the singing gravedigger in the movie, Mike digs out Smolken’s cover album he bought once on a whim and plays some samples of it for the Bots, who they don’t appear surprised by Smolken’s placing of words in the songs. In the end, while Crow impersonates the imp from the movie, Tom has Mike dress up as Leonard Maltin and issue a public apology for giving the movie three stars in his movie guide. Down on the planet, Prof. Bobo goes and unintentionally makes himself a brain sandwich for a midnight snack. When he learns of his mistake, he decides masking tape and mayo are all he needs to put the brain back together.

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