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APPROVED 1943 90 min DramaWar

On Imdb 6.6/10 575 votes

Michael Kanin (screenplay), Ring Lardner Jr. (screenplay), Alexander Esway (screenplay), Robert Hardy Andrews (screenplay), Lilo Dammert (story), Robert Aisner (story), Hans Habe (by: "A Thousand Shall Fall")

Tay Garnett



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With the onset of World War II, Frenchmen from all walks of life enlist in the army. The war is short-lived however as the Nazis quickly defeat them and Marshall Petain signs a peace agreement with the invaders. The troops surrender but rather that being repatriated to their homes as expected, they all find themselves in a military prison. Conditions are difficult with little food and poor medical conditions. The men resist as best they can and for some, like Paul, they are prepared to spend time in solitary confinement and be subjected to beatings if need be. For others, such as Duval, collaboration with their Nazi jailers is the route to an easier life. The men find solace in the company of Father Sebastian, a priest who was also in the army. He counsels them wisely and in the case of Paul, gives him strength to face the daily challenge of simply living. When Paul gets an opportunity however, he helps his fellow prisoners escape. When they liberate a village, they all realize that there is only one option left for them and the villagers.

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