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SINGLE TRACKS – Фильм – 2008

SINGLE TRACKS – Фильм – 2008

Not Rated 2007 90 min BiographyDramaRomance

On Imdb 1/10 N/A votes

An Dinh, Elena Dinh

An Dinh



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An estimated 2 Million couples struggle with these complex issues. They resolve them in very individual and sometimes unbelievable ways – divorces (both amicable and ugly), open marriages, staying together. Single Tracks explores An and Elena’s path to work through the initial shock, granting audiences a rare glimpse into the lives of two ordinary people undergoing tremendous transformation. An and Elena play themselves and include documentary interviews with real couples sharing their stories to remind the audience that this is happening all around us. The filmmakers take great care to avoid melodrama and use the supporting characters to re-enact actual conversations they had with others about their relationship. While autobiographic in nature, they fictionalized the supporting characters in order to maintain a smooth narrative.

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